Level 2 Detail

Level 2 Detail 


The Level 2 Package is where the fun begins. This is to aim for nothing but glossiness. This is going to enhance the finish, remove very light swirling and wash marks, even paint transfer from brushing the car up against something. What this WILL NOT do is remove any heavy defects. Your deeper scratches, heavy swirling from inexperienced detailers that have actually done damage, water spot etching, automatic car wash damage, etc is going to stay. If your vehicle has these issues you should consider a more in depth paint correction service. Gloss and protection is the name of the game on this one.


What’s Included? 



  • 3 Bucket wash (Wash, Rinse, Wheels) using deionized water for zero water spots

  • Wheel Faces & Barrels, Tires, & Wheel Wells thoroughly cleaned

  • Door jambs & Engine Bay cleaned

  • Dried using warm, filtered air

  • Tires, Wheel Wells, and Trim conditioned

  • Multistep decontamination to remove top surface and embedded contaminates

  • 1 step polish to enhance the gloss!

  • Topped with Daddy-O paint sealant as well as Clutch, which is going to make your paint POP and be heavily protected.


  • All cracks and crevices blown out

  • Thorough vacuuming of interior and trunk

  • Quick wipe down of panels

  • Glass cleaned