Level 4 Detail


Restore & Rejuvenate 


Restore & Rejuvenate is where the gloves come off. My most popular work in my growing family of car enthusiast customers. This is perfect for vehicles that have been repainted, show cars that have been neglected, or any vehicle that you are trying to maximize the finish of the vehicle. Have you ever had a car repainted, only to find that sanding marks, heavy buffer trails, and RIDS have been left behind? This is where I come in. Perfection is what I shoot for, Clarity is what I gain. The previous package does great for most, but if you are looking for that extra 2-3% that most can’t achieve, then this is for you. Tedious methods and techniques, along with the best tools and products money can buy, ensure that even the faintest amount of marring or haze is eliminated.

Warning: May cause involuntary grinning, shouting, or jumping in excitement. Your girlfriend or wife may start to wonder why you’re creepily smiling at your car from the window of the restaurant you are eating at. This is normal, and should be expected. You’ve been warned.

What’s Included? 



  • 3 Bucket wash (Wash, Rinse, Wheels) using deionized water for zero water spots

  • Wheel Faces & Barrels, Tires, & Wheel Wells thoroughly cleaned

  • Door jambs & Engine Bay cleaned

  • Dried using warm, filtered air

  • Tires, Wheel Wells, and Trim conditioned

  • Multistep decontamination to remove top surface and embedded contaminates

  • 3-4 step paint correction to achieve as close to perfection as possible

  • Topped with Daddy-O paint sealant as well as Clutch, which is going to make your paint POP and be heavily protected.


For the best protection available, head over to the Ceramic Coatings page to see how you can benefit from this option.


  • All cracks and crevices blown out

  • Thorough vacuuming of interior and trunk

  • Wiped down with a UV protectant that leaves a satin finish with no residue left behind

  • Glass cleaned