Level 1 Detail


Level 1


The Level 1 Package is for those who are looking for a good once over on their car and get some light protection on the paint. This may be after you’ve taken a trip, or just haven’t had the time to wax it like you normally would. It may be my entry level package but it packs a punch!

What’s Included? 



  • 3 Bucket wash (Wash, Rinse, Wheels) using deionized water for zero water spots

  • Wheel Faces & Barrels, Tires, & Wheel Wells thoroughly cleaned

  • Door jambs & Engine Bay cleaned

  • Very thorough wash and clay bar treatment

  • Dried using warm, filtered air

  • Tires, Wheel Wells, and Trim conditioned

  • Signature Shine carnauba wax applied for 3-4 months of protection.


  • All cracks and crevices blown out

  • Thorough vacuuming of interior

  • Quick wipe down of panels

  • Windows cleaned