Interior Detailing


Keep It Fresh Interior Cleaning

The interior is where you spend most of your time with your car. It’s what you have to stare at while commuting to and from work. It would make sense that this area look fresh and crisp over anything else, right? I’ve got you covered! With several options to choose from there is something to fit everyone’s needs. Below is a list of what can be performed.


Light Cleaning

  • Very thorough vaccuming

  • All cracks and crevices blown and brushed out

  • Cupholder & center console area cleaned

  • All panels wiped down with a UV protectant

  • Glass cleaned


Medium Cleaning

This service goes a bit beyond the Light cleaning package and focuses on areas that really stick out to you. If there’s a stain on the carpet or seats, the leather is beginning to look dirty in high traffic areas they will be addressed. Dirty panels from entering and exiting the vehicle will be made to look crisp again. Perfect if you keep your car pretty clean or have had it detailed recently, but maybe you just got back from a trip with the kids.



Heavy Cleaning

This service is for the really dirty ones that are showing their age. All panels steam cleaned and protected. Headliner, seats, and carpet all deep cleaned and shampooed. Leather seats will be cleaned and conditioned. Glass is cleaned and door jambs wiped down.