Level 3 Detail

Level 3 Detail


This is really where the paint correction begins. This package is great for a used vehicle you may have just bought, or a vehicle that has seen a bit of neglect or improper cleaning methods. I will actually be REMOVING defects in the paint. Wash marks, heavier swirl marks, water spots, factory sand scratches, etc are what you can expect to be removed.


What’s Included? 



  • 3 Bucket wash (Wash, Rinse, Wheels) using deionized water for zero water spots

  • Wheel Faces & Barrels, Tires, & Wheel Wells thoroughly cleaned

  • Door jambs & Engine Bay cleaned

  • Dried using warm, filtered air

  • Tires, Wheel Wells, and Trim conditioned

  • Multistep decontamination to remove top surface and embedded contaminates

  • 2 stage compound and polish for heavier defect removal

  • Topped with Daddy-O paint sealant as well as Clutch, which is going to make your paint POP and be heavily protected.

For the best protection available, head over to the Ceramic Coatings page to see how you can benefit from this option.


 All cracks and crevices blown out

  • Thorough vacuuming of interior and trunk

  • Wiped down with a UV protectant that leaves a satin finish with no residue left behind

  • Glass cleaned